S-Valve Unit

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S-VALVE units in the concrete pump is the heart of the entire pumping unit. It is always integrated with the conveying cylinders. Connected to the hopper with agitator. Regardless of its design it’s job is to separate inside the hopper a concrete flow on pressure side from the suction side. Seen from the design-structure: the S-valve unit is a type of gate valve switching the concrete flow from the pumping cylinder to the hopper-outlet by shifting between the two parallel conveying cylinders.

S-Valve Unit Concrete Pumps

What types of valves are applied?

The most common main shifting-valve in a concrete pump is the s-valve model. It is used by PUTZMEISTER, CIFA, SERMAC, EVERDIGM, JUN JIN, WAITZINGER, KLEIN, COIME, SEBHSA. Second type of the shifting-valve is the ROCK-type valve, which functionally is similar to S-valve principle. Third easily recognizable shifting-valve is the trunk – so called “elephant” pump – a “C” shaped valve designed and used in the BRF Putzmeister machines.

Втулка шибера S S8 HPG CIFA 238128

Wear sleeves

Wear sleeves for the S-valve are assembled on the outer bearing surface on the S-valve outlet side. Produced as thin, hardened and frquently chromed sleeves their main purpose is protection […]

Упорно-уплотнительное кольцо PUTZMEISTER 458878

Pressure rings

Pressure rings (tension-sealing rings) are elastomeric, flexible rings assembled on wear rings. Most often these items are manufactured out of natural rubber, poliurethane. The main task of these rings is […]

Валы шибера PB607 CIFA 244478

S-valve shafts

In most of the concrete pump models the shafts of the S-valve are integrated with the S-valve bodies so they cannot be exchanged separately. Nevertheless the producers such as SCHWING, […]

Wear ring DURO 22 PUTZMEISTER 261123.001

Wear rings

Wear rings together with wear plates are the most essential wear components of the S-valve transfer system in the concrete pumps. That element is co-working in pair with a wear […]

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Wear plates

Wear plate is the most crucial wear component inside the S-valve unit. In various shapes and versions it is used in all types of concrete pumps. It is mounted inside […]

Elementy zasuwy typu S


S-Valves, also called shifting elements, can be supplied in many different variants differentiated by pump-model. The most common type are the s-valve, which are commonly used by German producers – […]