Bearing units S-valve

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Bearing units for S-valve in concrete pumps are the most important components in S-valve unit. Thanks to their complex structure and the features of bearing systems a long lifetime of the pumping groups is possible. The bearing housings are assembled in the hopper and due to a system of bearing sleeves, wear bushings, sealings it all composes a complete unit of S-valve bearing.

Bearing units for S-valve

In concrete pumps we can distinguish:

  • bearing unit on the drive-shaft side;
  • bearing unit on the outlet side

The most important case related to the functionality of the bearing units is the working condition of the greasing system (manual or automatic). Penetration of concrete causes a progressive damage and thorough supervision of both bearing units is essential.

Closing covers CIFA 238161

Closing covers

Closing covers in the bearing units of the S-valve are most commonly designed as collars and are integral part of the bearing housings. Their role is to close the bearing housing […]

Spacers CIFA 226499


Spacers and Support rings that are used inside the bearing units of S-valve are designed as collar-type or as short-sleeve parts. The basic function of the spacers in the bearing units is […]