Pipelines for concrete pumping

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Pipelines for concrete pumping play the key role in concrete conveying through boom pumps and stationary lines. There are various standards of pipelines used in concrete placement technology. The variety of pipelines comes out of the pumping units output and pressure. Pipelines are mounted on the boom structure of the cncrete pump or mixer-pump or – as a stationary line – may be attached by means of special clamps to the concrete building.

There are two essential types of concrete pipelines used in the concrete pumping technology:


Type 85 bar – these are produced with common collar system widely used by all procucers – for diameter DN 100 – it is 4,5″ or 4,0″; for diameter DN 125 – it is 5,5″;


Type 130 bar – these are produced in various collar systems depending on the producers’ specifications – for pipelines DN 100 and DN 125 – the most common are collar systems using MAL-FEMALE collar and the gaskets with “O” shape.

Pipelines for concrete pumping

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