Stationary concrete pumps

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Stationary concrete pumps as pumping machines allow to complete and emphasize full capabilities of concrete pumping equipment. EVERDIGM stationary pumps can be assembled on single-axle and dual-axle trailers or crawler undercarriages. Such machines are highly adaptable for narrow construction sites or tunnels. All the EVERDIGM stationary models are equipped with extremely efficient and wear-resistant transfer system based on “S” valve. Such design is well recognised and appreciated for it’s low concrete flow deformation, low pressure drop and significantly small components’ wear. Wear plate and wear ring – as a standard – are manufactured on the basis of tungsten carbide inserts, which guarantee multiplied resistance. Hydraulic system of the EVERDIGM pumping unit works on the basis of closed-loop circuit, which creates fuel-savings, favours for non-peak pumping and steady flow of concrete and also gains for low oil-tank capacity generating no overheating of circuit. Automation circuits in the pumps are based on highly advanced proportional controls.

Which machines can we propose?

POLMIX-AST Company has a complete range of stationary concrete pump to offer. The series assembled on trailers could be opened by machines ETP 970, which generate output of 90 cum/h. They allow to well perform on small and medium size construction sites having low average pumping heights. These machines are highly adaptable in its use – could be adopted in the wide range of applications from foundations concreting, through cellars and ceilings concreting up to floors concreting.

As a good exapmle of stationary concrete pump for “special tasks” we can present a model ETP 1017 having the output of 100 cum / h and maximal pressure of 277 bar. The machine ETP1015 surprises with the distances it can pump the concrete on. Theoretically a horizontal distance it could operate is 842 meters and vertical height 453 meters.

Stationary concrete pumps

All the stationary concrete pumps of EVERDIGM offer very wide standard equipment: cable remote control, fully proportional output control, automatic centralized lubricating system for the pump units – S-valve, agitator, rubber conveying pistons, emergency STOP switches on both sides of concrete pump, water system with water pump and set of basic spare parts for concrete pump.