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The agitator in the concrete pump is an auxiliary system supporting the operation of the pumping unit. The basic task of the agitator is to ensure proper and sufficient flow of concrete in the hopper to the area where the concrete mix is ​​sucked in by the delivery cylinders. During the operation of a pump in the pumping mode, agitator should “scoop” the concrete into the middle part of the charging hopper. For concrete mixtures with a dense-plastic consistency, work of the agitator and its efficiency is a very important aspect in functioning of the pumping system in a concrete pump.


The agitator is build in a hopper and consists mainly of: shaft of the agitator mounted on both sides in the basket on bearing units, agitator blades or mixing spirals mounted on the agitator shaft and drive system in the form of: engine or hydraulic motors, or a gear (planetary, angular) gear combined with a hydraulic motor.

Below we present the individual elements of the agitator that we are able to deliver to your machine. We encourage you to contact our sales office.

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The agitator shafts

The agitator shafts are an essential element of the agitator system in the hopper of a concrete pump. In the structure of the whole agitator, the key part is the […]