S-valve drive

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S-valve drive plays a key role in the pumping unit of the concrete pump. The most important elements in the drive of the S-valve are hydraulic cylinders and levers of the S-valve.

The most common option in the concrete pumps is the system working with two hydraulic cylinders joint to the lever which is driving the S-valve. The S-valve hydraulic cylinders are connected to the lever by means of pins or spherical sockets. Such solutions can be found in machines with “S” type valve: PUTZMEISTER, EVERDIGM, JUNJIN, CIFA, SERMAC, TEKA, Waitzinger, REICH or COIME. The shifting unit for the S-valve with one hydraulic cylinder is mounted in concrete pumps with “ROCK” valves – Schwing and older models of REICH pumps.

S-valve drive

Hydraulic cylinders by continuous alternating motion are tilting the S-valve, whereby the concrete can be pumped from the working cylinder via a the S-valve to the pump-pipeline and suction of concrete from the hopper to the working cylinders is possible

Support brackets CIFA-240573

Support brackets

Support brackets for shifting cylinders are integral part of the S-valve housing. As a unit that can be disassembled they are a crossbar connecting the hydraulic cylinders with the drive […]

Bushings for cylinders HPG CIFA 244163

Ball sockets and bushings for cylinders

Ball sockets (also called ball cups) are the spherical-shaped components used as a bearing joint that is applied for connection between the hydraulic cylinder and the swing lever on one […]

Bolt for shifting cylinders S8 CIFA 231794

Bolts for shifting cylinders

Bolts for shifting cylinders are the essential element in the design of the mechanism of S-valve shifting. They transmit the drive from the cylinders to the swing lever. The shifting […]

Swing lever CIFA 1002275

Swing lever

Swing lever in concrete pump S-valves are usually components made out of casted steel. The other option is high grade steel. Thanks to the DIN spline or keyway spline the […]

Hydraulic cylinders Everdigm 22220054D

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders for S-valve shifting provide the function of S-valve movement during the process of pumping. The rotational movement of the S-valve is executed by the swing lever assembled on […]