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Services and products that we are able to offer for the industry are not only combined with our main activity, which is the modernization and service of concrete pumps. Knowledge gained over the years is perfect for the market of widely recognised mechanical engineering. Multiple solutions in the designs of devices in the concrete pumping industry provide the basis for versatile applications for machine engineering. Many years of experience in manufacturing as well as designing of units working in construction machines has allowed us to expand the range of offered elements.

Our offer for the industry.

Years of practice and well developed production facility are successfully used in the implementation of machined parts for various industries, for example for the agricultural machinery industry, mining machinery, automotive and others. Wide range of production methods based on machining technologies together with the use of heat treatment makes it possible to prepare high quality parts. Our technologically advanced machininig workshop and experienced engineers allow us to meet even the most technically complex project.

For the industry

All wel experienced repair procedures related to concrete pump service are successfully implemented in other branches of industry. Thanks to many years of experience, the assembly of mechanical assemblies used in machine engineering is carried out with high standards. Based on a variety of material solutions, we are able to offer comprehensive solutions for various groups of complex machines.

The use of hose for concrete pumping

The use of hose for concrete pumping

The use of hoses for concrete pumping at concrete pumps should be carried out in relation to the criteria of both pressure and pumping distance. Concrete pumping hoses available on […]

Gąsienicowa pompa do betonu na budowie 01

Crawler concrete pump on a construction site

The crawler concrete pump thanks to the hydraulically driven chassis can travel in difficult terrain. Hydraulic motors with low-speed drive allow for high torque on the track-wheels system. Appropriate width […]

Stationary concrete pump on the construction site 02

Stationary concrete pump on the construction site

Construction projects, especially those of a developer nature, implemented in city centers, on smaller and smaller investment grounds require specific preparation of the construction site and a far advanced organization. […]

Pumping of concrete over a long distance 01

Pumping of concrete over a long distance

Pumping of concrete over a long distance, significantly exceeding the available length of the boom, that is: the distance exceeding 100-150 meters requires special preparation of the pumping infrastructure. The […]

Pająk do betonu zajawka

Spider concrete boom

Spider manual concrete boom, also known as a concrete placing boom, concrete distribution mast is the simplest and cheapest solution for distributing concrete mix. Especially in locations where boom concrete pumps have […]