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The use of lever couplings in pipelines for concrete pumping

The clamp connection is the most common type of coupling assembly on pipelines in the concrete industry and used by all manufacturers such as Cifa, Shwing, Putzmeister, Everdigm, Sermac, Mecbo, Imer, Jun Jin, KCP, Liebherr and others.

Lever coupling (clamping) in concrete pumping systems is most often used on short pipelines with SK type flange with external gasket. The pipes in the SK system are mounted on distributing boom, which can be found in truck mounted concrete pumps, truck mixer pumps or stationary concrete distributors, so-called spiders.
These couplings ensure pipeline flexibility up to 2 degrees and the ability to rotate elements one to another. Lever couplings allow a quick and easy way to connect pipes, elbows and other pipeline components. .

The use of lever couplings in pipelines for concrete pumping 01

In this particular connection-system we can distinguish fixed lever type FLC / FLS couplings, ALC-type adjustable lever couplings as well as lever couplings with support base – an SLC type. These couplings are available in the most common sizes in concrete pumping systems, ie 4.5 “- DN100 and 5.5” pipelines – DN125 pipelines.

Lever couplings – structure.

The couplings are forged from high-alloy steel and then machined on CNC machines. The additional electro galvanisation process guarantees long life and trouble-free use. The couplings of this type are additionally secured with a safety pin, which prevents accidental opening and unsealing of the pipeline.
Due to the shape of the lever handle, we can differentiate between Putzmeister / Schwing and Cifa type joints, however, due to the universal flange system used, you can choose the type that suits the pump-operator more. The additional type alongside with most popular lever couplings, are the bolted type: two bolt type and four bolt type couplings.

The use of lever couplings in pipelines for concrete pumping 02

Lever couplings are also used on ORZX and ORS type connections which are designed for high pressure applications – 130 bar. In these systems we can find collars of the MALE – FEMALE type. Gaskets in these systems are mounted from the face of one collar. Closing the connection with the coupling additionally guarantees very high tightness of the joint and stiffness of the connection. Most often we can find them on the pipeline from the pumping unit outlet to the reducer DN150 – DN125.
In addition to the lever and screw couplings, we will also meet a wedge couplings which are locked in closed position by means of a wedge – WTC type.