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Crawler concrete pump on a construction site

The crawler concrete pump thanks to the hydraulically driven chassis can travel in difficult terrain. Hydraulic motors with low-speed drive allow for high torque on the track-wheels system. Appropriate width of steel tracks enables efficient machine movement on construction site. The right track width ensures machine stability on unstable ground.

The crawler concrete pump has the main application along with piling machinery. The piling rig machine itself, being a self-propelled machine, also having a crawler drive, can freely move around the construction site in accordance with the technology. The concrete pump is connected to the piling rig by a pipeline (mainly hoses) for pumping concrete and has to move around the construction site right behind the piling machine.

Crawler concrete pump on a construction site

In the scope of its design, the pumping system of a tracked concrete pump, is not fundamentally different from stationary concrete pumps. This machine has a working pressure up to max. 85 bar and capacity up to 90 – 100 m3 per hour.
The essence of the pumping system of a crawler concrete pump is to match the pumping output to the technical capabilities of a drilling rig that performs pile work – ie the speed of lifting the drill when making piles with large diameters must be synchronized with the pump’s efficiency.

The EVERDIGM ETP 970 CRAWLER pump is matched to the average technological capabilities of piling machines found on the European market. The configuration of driving system allows easy movement in field conditions of the construction site. The configuration of the hydraulic and control system of the crawler drive drive of the ETP 970 Crawler meets the requirements of the Machinery Directive as well as health and safety requirements for self-propelled machines.