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Stationary concrete pump on the construction site

Construction projects, especially those of a developer nature, implemented in city centers, on smaller and smaller investment grounds require specific preparation of the construction site and a far advanced organization. Difficult access and the limited size of the construction site make it difficult to carry out construction works from the excavation stage due to the lack of access for truck concrete pumps from neighboring places. In the situation, when at the very first stage so-called palisade is prepared, and then the foundation bottom plate constructed, the first difficulties with feeding the concrete to the reinforced structure occur already at the following stages.

Stationary concrete pump on the construction site.

Stationary concrete pump on the construction site .

When the building is relatively low, several-storey, an attempt can be made to pump concrete using truck concrete pumps. It should be remembered that a yard with a width of about 7 meters is needed for set up of the 36 meters pump. For a 42-meter pump it is already about 9 meters wide. Hence, it is not possible to arrange pumping out of the road or from access way to the construction site. For these tasks the stationary concrete pumps were designed.

The width of the stationary pump, including the outriggers, does not exceed 2 meters. The pump of such a design can be placed practically anywhere. We should only take into account the schedule of distribution of concrete for individual sectors of the building in accordance with the concreting technology. It is necessary to set the pump in a place where, above all, we have an easy access for truck mixers. Pipelines connected to the pump must be technically prepared to the concrete working pressure parameters. For large distances, the use of pipelines in the ZX connection system is required. It is necessary to properly prepare the entire pipeline infrastructure. – i.e. proper fixing and anchoring of the pipe bases.

Stationary concrete pump on the construction site

What type of stationary pump should be chosen ?

Stationary concrete pump on site should be sized in terms of the type of the pumping unit –  to the distance or height of concrete pumping. The most important indicator is the maximum concrete pressure, and the parameter of maximum concrete output efficiency is of secondary importance. The power of the machine must be selected to meet the requirement to achieve the required concrete pressure at a certain output corresponding to the demand at the place where the concrete is poured. As a rule, real efficiency in the distribution of concrete with distribution booms can range within approx. 40 / 50 cubic meters per hour. Preparation of the entire pipeline infrastructure for a construction project carried out with a stationary concrete pump requires much labor. However, the majority of projects implemented in urban conditions require such solutions. Stationary concrete pumps will be more and more often used on construction sites in Poland. .

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