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Spider concrete boom

Spider manual concrete boom, also known as a concrete placing boom, concrete distribution mast is the simplest and cheapest solution for distributing concrete mix. Especially in locations where boom concrete pumps have no longer space for maneuver or the construction site is beyond their reach.
A spider concrete boom is best suited as a supplement to a stationary pump. Also in combination with a mobile pump it will perform perfectly. Relatively small transport dimensions and low weight make it possible to transport such equipment with cargo-trucks and the booms themselves are easy to move by construction cranes. After being laid out on the construction site they also do not require too much space.

Spider concrete boom – characterization.

The advantages of the concrete placing boom are characterized by ease of use, low wear, high durability and, at the same time, low maintenance costs. Manual spider booms most often have a radius of 10 to 12 meters reach, which gives a diameter of 20 to 24 meters of coverage – areas from ~ 315 sq m to ~ 450 sq m. Concrete distribution masts usually have pipelines with a diameter of DN125 with lever or screwed couplings on joints type STK (SK). That ensures easy linking to the pipelines of stationary concrete pumps and with all of the boom pumps working near your site. The distributor pipeline can therefore be operated at 85 bar.

Spider concrete boom

Boom rotation, thanks to the use in the bearing column, is carried out manually. That allows precise and easy setting it to the position of concreting. The bearing-type link between the first boom arm and the rotating second section guarantees stability, smooth movement and durability of this connection. A counterweight placed on the opposite side of the boom ensures the stability of the device. The manual distribution mast is based on four adjustable and foldable supports. If it is necessary to raise the boom additionally, concrete blocks or plates can be placed under the supports.

Spider concrete boom

A spider boom can be used for pouring a concrete mixture on large ceilings, high buildings, bridges, in the production of precast concrete and in the construction of tunnels.

Hydraulic distribution booms.

Hydraulic distribution booms are another option. These are applicable for high-rise buildings. However, they are more expensive than manual distributors and require additional training for operation of the device.
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