Parts for concrete truck mixers

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Parts for concrete truck mixers which we constantly keep in our warehouse allow to repair the most common failures of mixers we deal with. Such include damage of mixer rollers, hydraulic pumps, control items (cables, mechanisms), hoppers and chutes. In case of damage of non-standard or out-of-production parts, we are able to manufacture them in our production department. Parts for concrete mixers produced in our facility have properties that do not differ from the characteristics of the original parts, which are often several times more expensive.
Many years of experience of our engineers and the machininig equipment owned in the plant enable us to produce any spare part which is necessary for a particular repair in an optimal time. In the area of ​​damage to structural components of concrete mixers – such as damages to main frames or supporting brackets – we are able to produce a replacement element or a subassembly of this component.

What parts of concrete mixers do we have?

We have not only parts for concrete mixers from Stetter, Liebherr, Intermix, Leżajsk, Baryval, such as:

  • bearing rollers;
  • control mechanisms for mechanical type control systems;
  • push-pull cables;
  • charging chutes;
  • extension chutes.

In our resources we also have:

  • spare parts for concrete mixer pumps from such producers as: Cifa, Sermac, Putzmeister, Schwing, Coime, Mecbo;
  • parts for Everdigm concrete pumps, Putzmeister, Schwing, Cifa, Sermac, LSB, Waitzinger, Elba, Teka and others.

We are able to provide spare parts – having ex-stock supply – for all the necessary repairs of any machine.

Parts for concrete truck mixers

Due to the wide availability of spare parts as well as due to the production capabilities of our plant, it is possible to optimize the time and cost of repair (service) far enough, which allows to achieve significant savings for machine owners.

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