Concrete mixer drum rollers

Concrete mixer drum rollers are units of the rotary motion mechanism of the concrete mixer drum. The purpose of drum rollers is to support and ensure the drum stability on the rear console structure. The drum rollers are mounted on the rear console of concrete mixer in the amount of 2 pieces – on the left and on the right. The rolling ring, which is the structural element of the drum, is the main support of the mixer on the rollers. For double large capacity mixers, double drum rollers are used. The wide distance between rdrum rollers ensures stable drum positioning.

Concrete mixer rollers sizes and types.

Different sizes and types of rollers should be distinguished – from rollers with a diameter of DN200, through DN220, DN250, ending with rollers DN280. Depending on the size, they are designed for the proper size of mixer drums (for example 7m3, 9m3 and larger) and a given roller model is dedicated to each manufacturer of concrete mixers. Most often: IMER, LIEBHERR, STETTER, Intermix, LEŻAJSK, CIFA and others.

Concrete mixer drum rollers 01

The components of the rollers for concrete mixers except the roller body itself are: bearing housings, roller bearings, covers, bolt sleeves, pins, bolt washers and nuts. The design and geometry of concrete mixer rollers features this assembly with high resistance to load transfer even in case of an overloading the mixer. The application and regular check-up of lubrication of concrete mixers with greasy lubricants for high loads prevents premature wear of rolling bearings in the assemblies. The rollers for concrete mixers themselves are usually protected with additional covers.

Complete rollers for concrete mixers as well as individual components and parts are produced by POLMIX-AST from high-quality materials. SKF high-quality bearings used in complete rolls guarantee the bearing’s life.

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